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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish the Council Bylaws.
  • Review the school’s and student's’ performance data yearly
  • Establish/review the school's goals and select specific improvements
  • Develop the site plan with input from other advisory groups.
  • Evaluate and discuss budget proposals associated with the LCFF funding received.
  • Monitor progress of plan implementation.
  • Assess effectiveness of planned activities
  • Evaluate implementation of plan resulting in student achievement
  • Review/Modify plan as needed
  • Collaborate with other advisory groups
  • Develop/Oversee Title 1 Parent Involvement, Policies, and Home/School compact.
    • Complete ELAC tasks (if SSC has ELAC Authority)
  • Recommend plan to the Board of Education

Areas OUTSIDE of the scope of the SSC

  • A School Management Committee: The Principal is the School Manager
  • A School Budget Management Committee: The SSC works only with those budgets included in the SPSA, Title 1, and any other restricted or unrestricted funds allowed by the State of California.
  • A Policy-making body: The Board of Education sets policy
  • A Political Organization: The SSC does not take stands on political issues
  • A Personnel Committee: The Personnel Department and the School’s Principal are responsible for all personnel matters.
  • A Grievance Committee: Other procedures are available to air grievances. However, the SSC may recommend solutions to problems within its’ scope as identified by a school self-study.
  • A Fund-raising Organization: The SSC does not solicit funds except in the process of grant applications and the use of community resources.
  • An Extension of the PTO: The SSC works in cooperation with the PTO toward school improvement and sees the PTO and all other school support groups as community resources which may be tapped to enhance the school improvement plan.
  • A Social Group: State law specifies the representative membership ratio of the SSC and directs the bylaws that outline a membership selection process.