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eBulletin Advertising

The eBulletin is the Montera PTO's weekly email newsletter, published on Sunday evenings (or sometimes Monday mornings) during the school year. It reaches approximately 2000 subscribers in our school community.

Free Advertising

Ads from community-based groups, non-profits and OUSD entities will be permitted at no charge if they are of importance and/or interest to the Montera community.

Paid Advertising

Private  advertisements  will  be  permitted  if the individual or company meets either of the following requirements:

  • The company/individual is supporting the school either financially or through the donation of goods and/or services that will be of benefit to the school, with a value of at least $25.
  • The company/individual agrees to pay the following rate: $25 per week

Limits on Advertising

  • We will accept no more than 4 paid advertisements per week, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The following types of advertisements are not permitted: Companies connected to fast food, tobacco, alcohol or gambling; private schools.
  • Any advertiser should be a reputable person/organization whose public image, products and services are consistent with the values, goals and specific policies of public education and Montera Middle School.
  • The Montera Middle School PTO has the final decision on who can advertise and may reject any advertisement at its discretion.

The following disclaimer will appear in the newsletter: "Montera Middle School’s newsletter sometimes contains paid advertisements. These advertisements do not imply endorsement of any product or service by OUSD or Montera Middle School.”

Submission Guidelines

Our email newsletter is published on Sunday evenings (occasionally Monday mornings) during the school year. Please email the wording of your advertisement (a title plus up to 100 words of content) to by noon on the Wednesday before the issue you wish to advertise in. Please note it is the advertiser’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the information in the advertisement. 

If your advertisement is deemed eligible you will be emailed with the details of payment requirements. Payment can be made via PayPal/credit card or by a check made out to Montera PTO. Payment must be received before publication. No cancellations will be permitted after the Saturday evening preceding publication.

A link to the school’s newsletter containing your ad will be emailed to you once it is published.